Last group of standards! Part a focuses on social reform groups of the 1960’s. This is going to be a very long post and so lets just dive right in!

NAACP- Formed in 1909 by Cornell Williams Brooks to support equality in opportunity for everyone no matter their race.

SNCC- Formed in the 1960’s by Stokely Carmichael to try to promote student participation in the civil rights movement.

SNCC summer of 1964, they organized “freedom summer” to increase black voter participation in Mississippi, very successful movement.

SCLC- Founded by most popularly Martin Luther King Junior by also Ralph Abernathy. As you can probably guess, their goal was to reach civil equality through nonviolent means.

Freedom Rides and Sit ins were two forms of non-violent protest commonly used during the civil rights movement. Sit ins were essentially African Americans going to a whites only establishment sitting down and refusing to leave. Freedom rides were when they would get on busses and ride as long as possible in honor of the Rosa Parks bus incident.

In the 1960’s there were only about five African American elected officials.

University of California v. Bakke- Bakke was turned away from attending the university because of his race. Eventually the case was taken to the supreme court and tried under chief justice Warren E. Burger, a civil rights supporter. The court ruled that the university was violating the 14th amendment which gave everyone equal protection.


there were a lot of civil rights groups in the 1960’s and they all wanted the same basic things. Civil rights, and voting rights for everyone. If there weren’t so many groups in so many places, the message may not have come across as strongly as It did.