Last standard, we dipped our toes into Lyndon B Johnsons “Great Society” and so naturally this standard we will be diving in. I personally admire Johnson, he was thrown into the presidency with shock and expected to live up to Kennedy and improve. And he did this. The “Great Society” was a large relief on many people. Johnsons first move was to sign off and pass the civil rights act of 1964, the act Kennedy had been pushing to pass before he passed. This allowed everyone to vote unbiased on race, gender, religion, literacy, anything. Johnson continued to fight for civil rights. And when this fight was over, he fought against Poverty in the United States, giving health care, better education, and more. One of the things that made it possible for Johnson to pass all of this legislation was that he first passed laws that made the “Great Society” more easily achievable, and he filled congress with people that would help him pass laws. Not to Mention the connections he had made within the congress.

One of Johnson’s most successful developments was Medicare. Medicare is a program that pulls funding from general revenues, taxes, etc. and uses this money to give medical assistance and protection to elderly and disabled.


Once again, Johnson was a good president. He made a lot of large advancements in civil rights and the fight against poverty in America. Many of these changes wouldn’t have been possible without his determination to get what he believed in.