Next up in the Georgia US history standards is SSUSH22c, understanding Brown v. the Board of education and the attempts to resist the decision. Brown v. The Board of Education was the ruling that having separate schools for white and colored children. The main argument was that the separate schools were not equal. Which went against the previous ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson in which the decision that whites could have separate facilities from colored people, but they must be equal in all ways. As I hope everyone knows, they were never really going to be equal, but people said things were to fit the law. Arguments were made that this made colored kids feel inferior and therefore did not fit under the 14th amendment of the constitution which grants equal protection for everyone. The ruling passed by unanimous vote under the chief justice Earl Warren.

Following the desegregation, there was the Little Rock crisis, which prevented students from entering the colored student school. Nine African American students enrolled in the Little Rock Central High School, the white school. Outside of the school there were protesters. Then Mayor of Little Rock, Woodrow Wilson, asked Eisenhower to send in troops to enforce the desegregation and protect the students. Little Rock, of course, was not the only place that had problems with desegregating their schools. Another very famous incident was The University of Alabama v. George Wallace. George Wallace was the Governor at the time (1963) that two colored students wanted to enroll at the university. He was not happy about this and stood in front of the enrollment office to prevent them from enrolling in the school.


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I think what I will really take away from learning about this standard would be the difficulty behind ruling separate but equal schools as unconstitutional. I always thought brown v. the board of education was one case and all the judges agreed and that was that. But it was actually the combination of several different cases before the judges finally decided that that would be best. This really changes the way people should see history, not everyone was behind this, people needed to know that this was a long hard process to wear down the government and the people.