Standard SSUSH22 a in the state of Georgia asks that students understand and are able to explain the impacts of President Truman’s executive order 9981. This was the order that demanded integration of the US military and the federal government. This was necessary because in the past African Americans, Asian Americans, etc. were not able to get the same jobs as white Americans could in the armed forces. Which was completely unfair because they all fought side by side for their country, and so they should be seen as equals. the other week in class we watched a video of the bombing of pearl harbor. In that video we saw a white captain, white sailors, and African American cooks, peeling potatoes. If that isn’t unfair then nothing is, which explains the need for desegregation in the armed forces, giving equal opportunities to everyone. After this bill was passed, congress threatened a filibuster to over ride the decision, but Truman preceded with his plan toward Civil rights. One of the actions he took was electing the first African American federal judge, and placed several in high ranking administrative positions. Truman essentially was paving the road to civil rights, people had stomped a path in the past but now it was marked and people knew where they wanted that road to take them.


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My biggest take away from this was how hard president Truman fought against everyone around him to kick-start the civil rights movement. That takes a lot of guts for him to risk losing peoples support to fight for a movement that he believed so strongly in. If he hadn’t there is no telling where we would be today, would anyone have ever started it? Would Obama ever had been president? Would the military be so integrated and as thriving as it is today? Maybe not, the importance of Truman’s bravery is invaluable to the United States that we live in today.